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Canes & Walking Devices

Complete Care Medical offers a wide variety of walking devices and ambulation aids.  Let the our team help you choose a cane or other walking device to provide an enhanced level of confidence and support whether after an acute injury or when needed for long-term, daily use.


Transport Wheelchairs

If you, or a loved one needs a wheelchair, but can’t propel by oneself, a transport wheelchair might be right for you. These products are typically lightweight, maneuverable and easy to transport, allowing you to live a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.


Manual Wheelchairs

Our selection of wheelchairs included standard lightweight, reclining, transport and heavy duty models. Most are available today for your immediate needs. Like all of our products, wheelchairs can be picked up in-store or delivered direct to your home.


Walkers & Rollators

Complete Care Medical offers a wide selection of traditional walkers from Traditional Folding, to 4-Wheel Rollators designed for every lifestyle.



Don’t forget accessories! We can outfit your product with storage bags, drink holder, cell phone mounts and more. Visit us today and let our specially trained staff help you find the model that’s best for you.

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